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Andrea Upchurch
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Vicksburg, Mississippi

Don't Try This Yourself!

It sounds easy. Put a "FOR SALE" sign in the yard and wait for offers to pour in from interested buyers. Think again. Selling your home on your own may be harder than you think.

Before you take on the challenge, ask yourself the following questions:

Am I putting the security of my home and family at risk by inviting just anyone to inspect my home at any time, on any day?

Do I know the marketplace well enough to establish the best price, so I don't over- or under-price my home?

Do I have the financial resources and marketing savvy to properly advertise my home?

Do I have the legal expertise to review contracts and other documents?

Do I have the ability to advertise my home on the Internet at a site that prospective home buyers visit regularly?

Am I prepared to invest the many hours required to coordinate the paperwork and other arrangements necessary for a home sell?

Am I a skillful negotiator who understands the psyche of the buyer well enough to effectively close the sale?